Board Leadership

Welcome to NAMI Nevada

We are here to support peers, family members, partners and friends of those living with a mental illness.

2018 Board of Directors

President –  Steve Shell,

Vice-President – Tom McCourt

Secretary – Dona Dmitrovic

Treasurer – Bob Seale

Immediate Past President – Rick Porzig

                                Multicultural Chair

                                Donna M. Shibovich
                                Peer Council Representative

                                Education and Program Chair

                                Fundraising Chair

                                Tom McCourt
                                Nominating Chair

                                Thomas Durante 
                                HR Committee Chair

                                Janie King
                                Board Member                              


NAMI Nevada Special Committees and Chairs

Communications Committee  – Position Open

Public Policy & Advocacy Committee  – Don Williams

Finance Committee Chair  – Bob Seale

                HR Committee Chair  – Thomas Durante


Board Meetings

NAMI Nevada’s Board of Directors meets

the third (3rd) Wednesday of every month.