Advocacy Academy



Telling the Story

            You will learn how to persuasively tell your story to affect change in your community.

           Identify the need for change and how your insight and story highlights what could be better.


Committee Advocacy

            When speaking before a committee you need to be succinct yet explain in general terms

            how change will benefit the community. How you are different today, what is the need or

            problem, and how change will help others.


Legislative Advocacy

            You will learn how to properly address and interact with policymakers in a respectful and

            productive manner. Be prepared, know your issue, know your policymaker, and plan for

            your meeting ahead of time. Show appreciation for their time, use person first positive

            language identify the need/problem, tell your story, propose a solution, and make your

            “ask” for change.


Hallway Speech

            Is a condensed informal presentation intended to persuade policymakers and aides.

            There is an introduction, issue & position, why it’s personal, the need or problem,

            what will help others, and finally the “ask” for change.


Taking Action

            You will learn how to respectfully and effectively call & email policymakers to affect

            change in your community. Proper salutations and practicing presentations ahead

            of time improves the outcome of your advocacy.